Live Q&A enables student to generate questions related to the lecture content or a new concept taught while gaining new insights through student-teacher and student-student interactions.

  • Set up an open online platform that allows student responses / questions to be visible to all in the class. A useful tool for this activity would be Google Slides / Mentimeter.
  • Provide any other necessary logistics needed for this activity.

Demo videos for running Q&A during a live Zoom session

Google Slides


  • Allow students some time to generate a list of questions they would like to ask the teacher / peers.
  • Ask students to post questions on Slido / Google Slides / Mentimeter platform (or other appropriate platforms) or up-vote the most relevant questions to discuss on. Slido / Google Slides / Mentimeter enables students to vote for the most wanted discussion topic and pushes that topic to the top.
  • A suggestion is to allow students to break into small groups and discuss some of the questions posted. Then allow student representatives from each group to summarise their thoughts.
  • You should use this opportunity to discuss the questions posted and / or address misconceptions.

Note: Live Q&A is commonly used to supplement live lectures such that students have a platform to ask questions during the lesson. You can also choose to use the aforementioned live Q&A platforms to collect students’ questions prior to a live lecture – which can then be addressed during the lecture itself.

  • Emphasise learning outcomes and summarise key take-home messages from this activity.