Gallery Review and Presentation are physically dynamic and enable peer-peer interaction / feedback.

  • Provide necessary stationeries / materials / logistics needed during activity.
  • If needed, send out reminders to students to go through pre-class materials in preparation for the interactive face-to-face forums.
  • Put students in groups (ensure that groups are not too big).
  • Instruct students on what they need to prepare for the gallery review. Some examples could be infographics, concept maps, post-it notes, etc.
  • Walk around the class to guide students when necessary.
  • Invite students to stick their coursework on walls, walk around, look at each other’s work and vote/comment/feedback (with post-it notes).

Note: If this activity is to be done online, use Zoom Breakout Rooms to divide student cohort into smaller discussion groups. Padlet (Shelf) and Miro are suitable virtual gallery platforms for students to showcase their work and classmates to provide constructive criticism.

  • Provide overview and feedback of students’ work and sum up learning outcome(s).
  • Emphasise take-home message.