Case study provides the opportunity for students to evaluate a real-world scenario in an open-ended manner.

  • Pick a scenario which could be fictional or a real-world situation.  Make sure it has connection and relevance to the video lectures your students would have watched before the class.
  • Prepare a list of prompting questions to facilitate discussion.
  • Provide necessary stationeries / tools during discussion.
  • Consider breaking the student cohort into groups of 5-10 people.
  • Introduce the case study scenario.
  • Allow discussion to be student-led and encourage students to use the prompting questions prepared.
  • Provide students with stationeries (e.g. pen, paper, board) or online tools to record key points for their discussion.
  • Encourage students to be flexible and creative in thinking of alternatives and options to a case problem.  Do not be rigid about where the discussions naturally lead.
  • You can walk around the class to ensure that students are being conscious about time and re-focus group discussions, when necessary.

Note: If this activity is to be done online, use Zoom Breakout Rooms to divide student cohort into smaller discussion groups.

  • Allow each / selected student groups to provide a concluding statement or key highlights of discussion.
  • Emphasise take-home message.