Multimedia Learning Resource Centre
Guidelines on Producing High-Quality E-learning Sets

Here is the Faculty’s recommended guideline for the production of high-quality e-learning sets.

Designing & Planning

The Faculty recommends the following format for e-learning sets:

Intro (~20 seconds)

  • You will be filmed in front of a green background.
  • The Faculty’s standard backdrop for your School/Department will be used.
  • You should wear a white coat if you have one.
  • You may give a brief introduction to the context / relevance of your topic here.

PowerPoint presentation

  • Each 1-hour lecture should be converted into three to five videos and consider covering one to two learning outcomes per video.
  • The optimal length of each video depends on the context. In general, it should be around 10 minutes.
  • The PowerPoint slides must follow the Faculty templates containing the following:
    • The first slide with the topic, teacher’s name and title
    • The second slide with learning outcomes
    • The last slide featuring the Faculty/School/Department’s logo (whichever applicable).
  • You may add diagrams, images, animations or short video clips (only use copyright-cleared materials).

Outro (~30 seconds)

  • You may use this part to reiterate a take-home message for your e-learning set.

Self-assessment questions

  • You are required to provide 2-3 self-assessment questions for each video clip.
  • These questions can be placed in the middle or at the end of the e-learning set, whichever you prefer.

Examples of e-learning set


Prepare your PowerPoint slides

  • Consider where you can add diagrams, images, animations or short video clips.
  • Avoid packing too much information onto one slide to ensure readability (e.g. having a body text side-by-side with big diagrams).
  • If you wish to use a YouTube video in your lecture, please consider using only the relevant portion and provide the precise time stamp for the technical staff to do the editing and incorporation. It is important to show the source of the video. Refer to this video for more information.
Arranging for a Recording Session
  • Book the E-learning Studio 3 days before recording 
    • Open for booking from 9am to 6pm, Monday to Friday (except Public/University Holidays). Estimated time for recording is about 1 hour for a 10-minute video. It may take longer for beginners.
  • Send the following to 3 days before recording:
    • PowerPoint slides
      • We will reformat your slides using Faculty templates, to ensure they are displayed optimally for electronic devices.
      • Reformatted slides will be sent back to you for confirmation.
    • Self-assessment questions for students to reinforce their learning
  • If you need to visualise 3D models or demonstrate any specific software, please inform our team member in advance. We may:
    • install the software required into the E-learning Studio’s computer for recording, or
    • install Camtasia onto a computer with the software needed and record there.
  • Consider preparing a script and we will display it on the screen / teleprompter for you to look at during the recording session.

For enquiries:

Miss Kit Tang 3917 9547 / Miss Cindy So 3917 9549

Video / Audio Recording
  • Please be in your neat attire.
  • Avoid wearing tops with yellow or green colour or fine patterns as it is not suitable for filming in front of a green background in the studio.
  • Please bring your personal Faculty white coat if you have one.
  • Please bring a softcopy of all the files / scripts on a USB.
  • Our technical staff will prepare the E-learning Studio before you come. They will support and guide you throughout the session.

When recording:

  • Speak at a comfortable pace.
  • You may take a quick break between chunks of recording.
  • If you make a mistake, please pause for at least 3 seconds and then start again from the beginning of that sentence. It is not necessary to re-record from the beginning. The mistake segment can be edited through post-production.
  • When you need to point to things during your lecture, use the mouse cursor (move cursor slowly to ensure viewers can follow in the video). You may select from a collection of different cursors as per your preference.
Post-Production & Launching to Moodle for Students
  • Our technical staff will help you edit the video. After initial quality checks, we will send the video back to the teacher for review / confirmation and you may arrange to upload the videos to Moodle.

For MBBS programme:

  • Once you have reviewed and confirmed this video is ready for release to students, the Faculty Office will upload it to Moodle.
  • The PowerPoint slides will be converted into a PDF file (2 slides per page) and uploaded for students to download.
  • Ensure other relevant materials such as handout, reference reading, self-assessments are sent to our technical staff for upload to Moodle.