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From Bedside to Webside

Bedside teaching is a core component in the clinical curriculum.  Clinical teachers are used to the conventional way of beside teaching which offers our students an exposure to a wide variety of clinical conditions and physical signs.  However, the COVID-19 outbreak in 2020 has given us an excellent opportunity to explore about other possible teaching methodology in e-learning format as an alternative to bedside teaching, which is also advantageous to the Faculty in addressing the educational needs from the enlarging student cohorts as we will be admitting 295 students starting 2022/23. 

Here is an example of online clinical teaching directed by Dr Anderson Tsang of the Department of Surgery – from bedside to webside – in which Dr Tsang demonstrated how he conducted an online clinical teaching session on neurosurgery with the students via Zoom during the COVID-19 pandemic.  We are grateful for Dr Tsang’s creativity and his agreement to share.

Teachers are encouraged to think out of the box to plan and teach in a way different, which may be more effective, more student-engaging and logistically more feasible.


HKUMed E-learning Instructors
Dr Mei Li Khong / Dr Enoch Chan