HKU Information Day for Undergraduate Admissions 2018

03 November 2018

The HKU Information Day for Undergraduate Admissions was held on November 3, 2018.  Over 10,000 visitors came to the Medical Campus on Sassoon Road.  A rich plethora of interesting and informative activities were arranged, including the popular admission talks by the Dean, Professor Gabriel M Leung, programme introductions by teachers, consultation sessions, guided tours and various demonstrations.  New activities such as Multiple Mini Interview (MMI) demonstrations and AR and VR experiences of Sassoon Road campus development were also offered.  During the admission talks the Dean introduced new changes to our curricula, drawing attention especially to the new JUPAS bonus points system of the University and the minimum scores needed for securing a place in MBBS curriculum (provided one’s results in MMIs are satisfactory). Throughout this event, many Faculty student volunteers were on hand to assist prospective students and their families, helping them to better understand the admissions process, undergraduate programmes, campus life and the Faculty.


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