Seminar on “Thinking Clearly About E-Cigarettes: the Singapore Experience” by Professor Kee-Seng Chia

24 May 2019

The popularity of e-cigarettes (vaping and heat-not-burn cigarettes) is increasing rapidly. There are heated debates on whether e-cigarettes could be a reduced-risk product and serve as a harm reduction public health strategy or whether they are just another harmful tobacco option.

The School of Nursing invited Professor Kee-Seng Chia, Founding Dean of School of Public Health, National University of Singapore to be the guest speaker at a seminar on the topic “Thinking clearly about e-cigarettes: the Singapore experience”, on May 24, 2019. Professor Chia drew on the experience of Singapore, where the extreme stance was taken to ban e-cigarettes, and other measures such as raising the minimum legal age to 21 have been adopted. He indicated that it is important to constantly review, evaluate and integrate new research findings on the efficacy and effectiveness of e-cigarettes in policy decisions on tobacco control.

The audience were enlightened by Professor Chia’s expertise and there was much fruitful discussion and interaction among the participants and the speaker.


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