HKU/QMH Completed NMPA Re-Inspection and Received Clinical Trials Accreditation in a Total of 14 Clinical Specialties/Areas

29 April 2019

The National Medical Products Administration (NMPA, previously called China Food and Drug Administration) visited Queen Mary Hospital on April 29, 2019 for re-inspection of 14 clinical specialties (including HKU Phase 1 Clinical Trials Centre, cardiology, endocrinology & metabolism, respiratory medicine, hepatobiliary & pancreatic surgery and liver transplantation, obstetrics & gynaecology, haematology & bone marrow transplantation, neurology, nephrology, clinical immunology, orthopaedics & traumatology, gastroenterology & hepatology, oncology and paediatrics & adolescent medicine). The overall inspection result were satisfactory and the said specialties successfully received continuing accreditation by the NMPA, meaning that the clinical drug trial data from these specialties are acceptable by the NMPA for evaluation of new drug approval applications.

HKU/QMH has been accredited by the NMPA for conducting clinical drug trials in six clinical specialties since 2006. HKU Phase 1 Clinical Trials Centre and seven additional clinical specialties were further accredited in July 2016.


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