HKUMed on COVID-19
Daily News - 09 May 2020

09 May 2020


SCMP Online: University of Hong Kong study finds eyes are ‘important route’ for coronavirus, up to 100 times more infectious than Sars 


Mirage News: HKUMed researchers discovered novel coronavirus can infect more efficiently than SARS-CoV in human airways 


新城電台即時新聞: 港大研究發現眼睛或是新冠病毒重要傳播途徑之一 




星島日報即時新聞:港大指新冠病毒更易感染眼結膜 揉眼高危 


頭條日報即時新聞:港大指新冠病毒更易感染眼結膜 揉眼高危 


The Province: After the flood: How the next wave (or waves) of COVID-19 will look in Canada 


iNews: Coronavirus latest: UK should consider setting up Government-run quarantine sites for suspected Covid-19 cases, poll says 


Run Society: Will Running Be the Same After COVID-19? 


The Australian: A Noah’s ark of wild animals 


香港電台中文即時新聞:何栢良:如做足防疫 香港可先與澳門協商合理恢復人流 


CNN: Rats are infecting humans with hepatitis, and nobody knows how