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Daily News - 01 May 2020

01 May 2020


KUSI News: Are face masks effective against COVID-19? 


Hot Air: How The COVID-19 Pandemic Could End 


The Scientist: How (Not) to Do an Antibody Survey for SARS-CoV-2 


SCMP Online: Coronavirus particles linger in the air in medical settings, research shows  




星島日報即時新聞:何栢良指母親節前可放寬食肆限制 倡戶外活動保持 6 個階磚距離  


蘋果日報即時新聞:【武漢肺炎】若母親節前無新增本地感染 何栢良指可放寬食肆限制  


東方日報即時新聞:何栢良指若持續無本地確診 母親節前可放寬食肆限制  




頭條日報即時新聞 : 何栢良指母親節前可放寬食肆限制 倡戶外活動保持 6 個階磚距離