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Daily News - 31 March 2020

31 March 2020

Reuters: From masks to meal boxes, businesses step in to help medics battling coronavirus

The Edge Markets: From masks to meal boxes, businesses step in to help medics battle coronavirus

Pulitzer Center: Can China Return to Normalcy While Keeping the Coronavirus in Check?  

Financial Times: Expats face hostility after second wave of virus cases hits China and Hong Kong ‘We need to be alert’: Scientists fear second coronavirus wave as China’s lockdowns ease - Other countries on lockdown will be watching for a resurgence of infections in Hubei province now that travel restrictions are lifting.

Hiru News: Prof Malik who discovered SARS speaks to HIRU - Quarantine is the best option

India Times: Study Says That People With Coronavirus Can Be Highly Infectious, Even With Mild Symptoms

International Business Times: COVID-19 Updates: New Research Shows How The Coronavirus Spreads So Easily

International The News: Wake up please, worst is yet to come The shy yet ominous pangolin

香港 01專訪福:時隔百年 病毒再次展



NOW 新聞:袁國勇:香港隨時會有千宗本地個案出現

香港 01【新冠肺炎】公院增 400 臨時隔離病床 檢疫中趕建逾千單位

眾新聞:醫院瀕臨爆煲 防疫盡快補窿

Healthy D袁國勇:本港疫情開始有少許失控

香港新闻网:香港医学专家:若疫情恶化 建议设临时医院接收症状轻微的病⼈

中国新闻网:香港医学专家:若疫情恶化 建议设临时医院接收症状轻微的病

聯合新聞網:專家恐疫情在香港蔓延 港府加防控



希望之聲:港專家指疫情已少許失控 公營醫療進入戰時狀態  

NNA Asiaマスク着の義務化を提、香港  


香港電台網站中文新聞:何栢良:潮濕環境下咳嗽噴出「沫雲」遠⾄ 8

香港電台網站中文新聞:何栢良倡新型肺炎穩定患者往另處隔離 由警員把守

香港電台網站中文新聞:當局無公布新冠病毒測試數據 何栢良促上改善

頭條報網站指潮濕天氣咳嗽沫射程遠達 8 何栢良倡勿堂食

香港 01【新冠肺炎】何栢良:潮濕天氣或增沫傳播速度 籲盡量避堂食

香港新闻网:专家指香港未知来源确诊尚无几何式增⻑ 仍有机会控制疫情倒灌