HKUMed on COVID-19
Daily News - 27 March 2020

27 March 2020 Hong Kong epidemiologist warns pandemic's end may not be straightforward Despite the confusing messages, facemasks will help in this pandemic What we’ve learned about the coronavirus — and what we still need to know Covid-19’s resurgence in Hong Kong holds a lesson: Defeating it demands persistence  

Smithsonian Magazine: China Plans to Lift Lockdown on Wuhan, Where COVID-19 Was First Detected - With no new infections reported in Hubei province in recent days, restrictions are easing up—but experts worry about possible ‘second wave’ of cases  

CNBC International TV: China still faces a 'real risk of a rebound' in coronavirus cases, says professor | Squawk Box Asia AI-powered smart glasses are finding people with coronavirus in China - The smart glasses can take your temperature from 1 metre away Pangolins may not have passed coronavirus on to humans, say scientists  

The Guardian: Tokyo and Hong Kong brace amid fears of fresh wave of coronavirus cases - Tokyo governor warns of measures to prevent ‘explosion’ of cases as Hong Kong health expert calls for curfew to handle cases arriving from overseas HK Covid-19 cases rise to 410; LKF band infection cluster swells【無品乘客】無品男踩上地鐵扶⼿播毒 美國研究:鞋底細菌比廁所多3  


Cnbeta.com管轶团队然发文:穿甲带新冠相关病毒 但未必是中间宿主  


台視新聞:唾液病毒量超研究:發病第1 週傳染最強星國醫:初期7 我隔離 可有效阻傳染病毒量多不定成重症 星國研究:非成正比  

中時電陸疫情恐死灰復燃?專家:這時觀察就知真假中国の新型コロナ「新規感染者0」の発表に疑問の声 も信せず…  

由亞洲電台陸定為「低風險」可「寛鬆處理」? 湖北回港檢疫安排惹爭議