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Daily News - 25 March 2020

25 March 2020

The New York Times: China to Ease Coronavirus Lockdown on Hubei 2 Months After Imposing It hubei.html Coronavirus: Hong Kong's infected dogs were asymptomatic and close contacts of confirmed patients, expert says Second Pet Just Tested Positive For Coronavirus in Hong Kong, and This is What You Should Know  

Time: These Families Traveled Twice Across the World to Stay Ahead of Coronavirus. They're Learning Nowhere Is Safe The city of Wuhan will end the world's harshest coronavirus lockdown after 11 weeks. The world is petrified that the virus will come back. fears-resurgence-2020-3  

Baller Alert: A Second Wave Of The Coronavirus Outbreak Could Hit Asian Countries In A Matter Of Weeks Due To Citizens Returning To Their Homeland From Abroad hit-asian-countries/ Q&A: FIND's Cassandra Kelly-Cirino Discusses COVID-19 Diagnostics Pipelines  

Times Higher Education: Coronavirus crisis inspiring unprecedented global research effort What infection rates in Iceland and Australia may reveal about how COVID-19 could spread in the US  


香港電台網站中文新聞:何栢良籲政府本周末前推出戒嚴級別措施 否則後果嚴重  

頭條日報網站:剪接師確診 now新聞部啟動應變方案  

巴士的報:剪接師新冠確診 now新聞部啟動應變方案  

法國國際廣播電台:港大專家轟港府防疫措施有漏洞 NOW 電視員工確診恐傳給記者  

中央通訊社:無症狀感染中國不納確診 官員:非主要傳染源

明報新聞網:袁國勇:病發首周內病毒最多 易社區散播  

文匯報網站:疾控專家:無症狀感染者已受管理 不造成傳播【新冠肺炎】患者病發首周體內病毒含量達高峰 袁國勇:容易迅速擴散造成社區傳播 

TVBS NEWS:港大研究:初期感染者 體內已有大量病毒

香港 01:專訪福田敬二:國際社會抗疫不團結 港人未來數月勿鬆懈