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Daily News - 19 March 2020

19 March 2020 Coronavirus: 'Second wave' of COVID-19 'expected' in China – Expert's chilling prediction - CHINA will have to endure a devastating "second wave" of COVID-19 infections according to a Professor of Public Health.


The New York Times: Coronavirus Live Updates: Trump Signs Relief Package; China Reports Zero New Local Infections Coronavirus Cases Inch Back up in Asia, Denting Hopes That Disease Was Contained As China’s Virus Cases Reach Zero, Experts Warn of Second Wave


The Japan Times: As China coronavirus cases near zero, experts warn of second wave


The Indian Express: China hits a coronavirus milestone: No new local infections China records no new local infections as global death toll touches 8,938


FT 中文網:亞洲出現第二波新冠疫情


The Washington Post: How the U.S. can defeat coronavirus: Heed Asia’s lessons from past epidemics CAN YOU GET CORONAVIRUS TWICE? Here’s why coronavirus tests sometimes come back positive again after recovery


香港電台中文新聞:福田敬二專訪稱確診個案已太多 外國封城作用有限


橙新聞:福田敬二:確診個案已太多 外國封城作用有限


The Indian Express: An Expert Explains: ‘Time to start random testing of people with flu, scale it up if necessary’ From coronavirus to antibiotics: the ways we use animals ‘still risks spreading disease’ - Experts agree it all began in an animal market in China – but there are other threats from the way we live, too New study says 'high temperature and high relative humidity significantly reduce' spread of COVID-19


Star Advertiser: Jury out on whether summer will tamp down coronavirus


CNBC TV18: There is clear laboratory evidence that Covid-19 virus is heat sensitive, says professor John Nicholls




新城電台即時新聞:梁卓偉指實施旅遊禁令目的是限制旅客之間流動性 A Glimpse of the Coronavirus’s Possible Legacy - The imprint SARS has left on Hong Kong speaks to the legacy COVID-19 may well leave on much of the world. Will Epidemic Rage Into 2021?


The Straits Times: Coronavirus: Hong Kong reports 25 new cases, most are travellers from abroad


RTHK English News: 'Ban people without masks from public transport'


無綫新聞:有專家倡為返港人士作新冠病毒檢測 減社區傳播風險


思考 HK留學生湧港 林正財何栢良倡酒店隔離檢疫


商業電台新聞:何栢良:港府應禁外國人入境 HKU State Key Laboratory for Emerging Infectious Diseases joins global effort to develop COVID-19 vaccine【新冠肺炎】袁國勇帶領港大重點實驗室夥國際聯盟 CEPI 合作研發新冠肺炎病毒疫苗


頭條日報網站:吸煙者拉底口罩吸煙易中招 港大醫學院籲煙民疫情間戒煙


巴士的報:拉底口罩吸煙易中招 港大醫學院:煙民疫情間應戒煙


RTHK English News: Expert insists he's a patriot amid 'Wuhan virus' row


香港電台中文新聞:袁國勇:研製疫苗需時及資金 病毒消失便再無人有興趣