HKUMed on COVID-19
Daily News - 06 March 2020

06 March 2020


Science: Can China's COVID-19 strategy work elsewhere?


The Economist: What the world has learned about facing covid-19


The China Current: Science Fights Back | The Novel Outbreak


Financial Times: Hong Kong’s coronavirus response leads to sharp drop in flu cases


The Sun: Deadly Spread: Coronavirus death toll outside China now 126% higher than within country where outbreak began


RTHK English News - Newswrap: ‘Absolutely no evidence that pets can give humans the coronavirus’


RTHK English News: No need for pet owners to panic, says expert


香港電台 新聞特寫:何栢良:武漢返港⼈⼠可能約 5 25 感染新型肺炎




NOW 新聞:醫管局組 30 ⼈⼩隊到駿洋邨抽取化驗樣本


Ejinsight on the pulse: Don’t let your guard down on virus even in the countryside


Hong Kong Free Press: Coronavirus: 200 more Hongkongers to return from outbreak epicentre in China


The Standard online: Owners advised to keep dogs away from other pets


紐約時報中新冠疫情簡報:中國死亡數超 3 千;境外疫情持續惡化


TOPICK.hket.com袁國勇與醫管局專家到駿洋邨 為湖北返港市抽取樣本化驗


港地香港出現全球傳狗的新冠肺炎病例 專家指動物把病毒再傳的機會甚微 呼籲主們對寵物要不離不棄