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Daily News - 23 June 2020

23 June 2020 2nd wave of COVID-19 a ‘statistical certainty:’ infectious disease expert Coronavirus can survive for 20 years in minus 20 degrees celsius: Chinese expert Diabetes drug may lower COVID-19 death risk in women; key immune cells fail to respond to virus 

Reuters: Antibody levels in recovered COVID-19 patients decline quickly: research Chinese study finds that antibody levels may decline quickly, raising new questions over immunity after infection Coronavirus antibody levels may decline quickly, Chinese study suggests 

ShareCast: Antibody levels of Covid-19 patients decline quickly, small study shows 

香港 01新冠肺炎|港大袁國勇團隊揭無徵狀感染者之謎:樹突細胞無發炎 

FT 中文網:來自韓國的警告:恢復正常生活仍是“幻想”

Reuters Japan新型コロナ回復患者の抗体水準、2─3 で急低下=中国の研究