HKUMed on COVID-19
Daily News - 30 April 2020

30 April 2020


The News: Pakistan’s response to COVID-19


Business Insider: South Korea says recovered coronavirus patients who tested positive again did not relapse: Tests picked up ‘dead virus fragments’


PR Nigeria: COVID-19 and Savage Brutality on Africans by Chinese Over 20,000 PCR Tests conducted in Sri Lanka – Health Official Efforts intensified to flatten COVID-19 curve


Quartz: Hong Kong now has too few new Covid-19 cases to calculate the real-time transmission rate


The Straits Times: Travel demand surges after Beijing lowers local coronavirus emergency level


Business insider: We asked 15 public health experts if homemade masks are a good idea to limit the spread of the coronavirus, and the results are mixed Study Suggests Traces Of Coronavirus Can Linger In The Air


RTHK English News – Hong Kong Today : Head of WHO centre calls quarantine easing a good first step


RTHK English News: HK faces long battle against Covid-19: expert


RTHK English News: 'Experts panel not involved in relaxation decision'


RTHK English News: Restaurant restrictions could be eased soon: expert






香港電台網站中文新聞:連續 4 無確診個案 林正財稱低風險業限制可放寬


香港電台網站中文新聞:何栢良:倘⾄⺟親節未有本地個案 可考慮放寬食肆限制


香港電台網站中文新聞:何栢良:若親節前無本地不明個案 食肆或可放寬限制


商業電台新聞:何栢良:若下 17 前無本地感染 可考慮逐步復


商業電台新聞:何栢良:即使放寬邊境防疫措施 都要時間戴


明報新聞網即時新聞:何栢良:若⾄⺟親節無本地感染個案 可考慮放寬食肆限制 (12:38)


頭條何栢良指即使疫情緩和 仍要期戴


晴報:【新冠肺炎】連續 5 零確診 何栢良:若親節前無本地個案 可放寬食肆限制


TOPick【連續 5 零確診】何栢良:親節前可考慮放寬食肆營業限制 假期外出要保持 6個階磚的距離


TOPick【佛誕假期】入多交通擠塞 灘及郊野公園咪錶位爆滿【多圖】


财新:⾏⼿|4 29 :安倍称明年奥运取消险仍存


寰宇新聞網:防疫只靠 學者批:國家措施漏洞