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Daily News - 25 April 2020

25 April 2020


NBC Boston: Temperature Checks, Masks and Paid Quarantine: What Can Boston Learn From Other Countries?


HPPR: Adding A Nylon Stocking Layer Could Boost Protection From Cloth Masks, Study Finds


PharmaLive: Cloned Antibodies to COVID-19 Virus Show Promise for Therapy and Prevention


Erie News Now: Asia may have been right about coronavirus and face masks, and the rest of the world is coming around


RT: Labs suffer virus breakouts – pathologist


香港電台《與你 抗疫》與你 抗疫 #12


TOPick【鞋底播毒】⼀⽥超市職員腳踩凍櫃補貨 ⼀⽥:已警告涉事員就事件引起不安致歉




香港01何栢良對團體舉辦五有保留 聲說話時罩或不能擋


852郵報:【武漢肺炎】職盟已申請五 何栢良有保留