HKUMed on COVID-19
Daily News - 24 April 2020

24 April 2020


EUobserver: Europe's dilemma: to follow Asian 'exit strategies' or not?


International Business Times: Hong Kong University study reveals how China failed to report vast number of Coronavirus cases


India Blooms: HKUMed research examines how Hong Kong managed first wave of COVID-19 without resorting to complete lockdown


The Week: China could have had 2.32 lakh coronavirus cases by mid-February Study


US News: How Hong Kong Flattened the Curve Without Total Lockdown


NBC News: Taiwanese authorities stay vigilant as virus crisis eases


BBC: Coronavirus: Ending the lockdowns


Arirang News: [Global Insight] Is it too soon to be easing lockdowns and social distancing?


One Green Planet: Passengers Arriving at Heathrow Airport in London Not Being Screened for Covid-19


CNN: Asian wet markets get bad press. See what they're really like


The Online Citizen: PM Lee dons handmade pixelated camo reusable mask in latest Facebook profile photo


CGTN: Gao Fu: I've never said there's no human-to-human transmission


中央通訊社:染疫界定改再改 港媒:中國確診被幅低估


風傳媒:中國「確診」定義變變變 實際確診病例少比官數字4 倍!香港研究登權威期刊《刺胳針》




德國之聲:研究: 中國改動定義致確診數嚴重低估






香港電台中文新聞:何栢良稱如疫情持續好轉 限聚措施延後可考慮放寬


頭條何栢良指中斷社區傳播露曙光 可考慮放寬部分防疫措施


晴報:【新冠肺炎】本港疫情現曙光 何栢良料最快5 ⽉ 7 解禁


TOPick【新冠肺炎】本港中斷社區傳播鏈露曙光 何栢良:5 ⽉ 7 後可考慮放寬部分防疫措施


香港01限聚令|何栢良:中斷社區傳播鏈曙光 5 ⽉ 7 後可考慮放鬆限制


香港01DSE 2020 │袁國勇沈祖堯拍片勵皇仁師弟:世紀疫症前毋須懼怕