HKUMed on COVID-19
Daily News - 22 April 2020

22 April 2020


Fortune: How Hong Kong squashed its second coronavirus wave


Vox: Why Instagram’s co-founders made a site to track how fast the coronavirus is spreading


NHK World - Japan: Lockdown can't be forever. So what's next?  An Interview with epidemiologist Gabriel Leung


ZME Science: With strict measures, Hong Kong controls a second wave of coronavirus cases


The Independent: Coronavirus: Live animal markets and wildlife trade continue in Asia amid growing calls for crackdown


National Geographic UK: See how a sneeze can launch germs much farther than 6 feet


Byline Times: THE CORONAVIRUS CRISIS UK's Perplexing Approach to COVID-19 As Viewed from Hong Kong


Today Online: Coronavirus attacks lining of blood vessels all over the body, Swiss study finds DOCTORS SAY COVID “ATTACKS” BLOOD VESSELS THROUGHOUT BODY


The Korea Times: China's CDC chief defends outbreak action: 'I never said there was no human-to-human transmission'


TOPick【鞋底播毒】將軍澳凍舖職員直踩食物取貨 美國研究:鞋底細菌比廁所多 3


東網料社區傳播鏈短時間中斷 何栢良倡年級學先復課


頭條指延限聚令等措施合理 何栢良料社區傳播鏈短期內中斷


TOPick【新冠肺炎】何栢良指政府延限聚令等措施 14 天安排合理


香港01新冠肺炎︳政府租富豪東酒店檢疫 專家:出風不會播毒


橙新聞:何栢良:延限聚令等措施合理 政府租酒店做法值得


星岛环球网:何栢良:港府延“限聚令”14 天安排合理


联合早报:港专家:延限聚令合理 若市合作有机会达 28 天零感染


蘋果【武漢肺炎】試前檢測呈陰性 醫科赴試場考試發燒後證初步確診


TOPick【新冠肺炎】何栢良:即使放鬆防疫政策 罩也是不能豁免