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Daily News - 09 April 2020

09 April 2020

ABC News: How to lift COVID restrictions and put them back on - testing is key

Blu Radio: Experto revela el secreto de Hong Kong para combatir el coronavirus

Fortune: Hong Kong airport is the first to test all arrivals for coronavirus

The Guardian: Lockdowns can't end until Covid-19 vaccine found, study says

Quartz: Rt: The number that can guide how societies ease coronavirus lockdowns

Bloomberg: Countries Learn to Love Face Masks in Struggle to Contain Virus

Wall Street Journal: To Curb the Coronavirus, Hong Kong Tells the World Masks Work

SCMP Online: Coronavirus: N95, surgical face mask or DIY? Experts say ‘something better than nothing’

SCI News: Surgical Face Masks Could Prevent Transmission of Coronaviruses from Symptomatic Individuals

Al Jazeera:
Coronavirus origin: Few leads, many theories in hunt for source

【新冠肺炎】武漢今解封 何栢良:應為陸路入境高危人士檢測

立場新聞【武漢肺炎】武漢今解封 何栢良:港府應加強邊境防疫、嚴格執行限聚令

TOPick:【韓國實測】確診者咳嗽外科口罩難完全阻擋飛沫 何栢良:病人口罩外應加面罩

BBC 中文網:肺炎疫情:歐美世衛改口,口罩防疫到底有沒有科學依據