HKUMed on COVID-19
Health Precautions at the Workplace

As the outbreak begins to subside, it seems that the city may finally relax its stringent preventive measures: public facilities are gradually re-opening, and civil servants are also scheduled to resume regular work arrangements. With this in mind, the School of Public Health at HKU has suggested some health precautions and suggestions for those in the work force, covering potential areas of risks, starting from when you head out to work, to when you return home.

Check out our tips to protect yourself and minimise risks of infection! 


1. Going to work

  • Staggered work schedules to avoid crowds
  • Wear a mask on public transportation
  • Minimise and shorten face-to-face meetings


2. While at work

  • Maintain good indoor airflow
  • Place work spaces further apart to keep distance
  • Disinfect daily items such as keyboard, mouse, and mobile phone


3. During lunch

  • Wash your hands before taking off your face mask, and handle it properly before eating
  • Enforce a staggered lunch schedule; buy takeaway meals or meal prep, and avoid going out
  • Avoid chatting while eating
  • Minimise face-to-face meals and use of round tables, and keep your distance from one another
  • Order individual portions of food and avoid sharing meals


4. Getting home

  • Wash your hands and your work clothes after getting home
  • Avoid touching your nose and mouth after touching the door knob
  • Disinfect household items such as the door knob, toilet seat and basin, remote controls, and water tap handles etc.


Most importantly, if you are feeling unwell or experiencing any symptoms, avoid going to work and stay home in order to minimise chances of infecting others.