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  1. Li Ka Shing Faculty of Medicine
  2. School of Biomedical Sciences
  3. School of Nursing
  4. Department of Orthopaedics and Traumatology
  5. Department of Pharmacology and Pharmacy
  6. School of Public Health
  7. Centre for Medical Ethics and Law
  8. Centre for PanorOmic Sciences
  9. Centre for the Humanities and Medicine
  10. Clinical Trial Centre
  11. Emergency Medicine Unit
  12. HKU-Pasteur Research Pole
  13. Jockey Club Institute of Cancer Care
  14. Laboratory of Data Discovery for Health
  15. Medical Ethics and Humanities Unit
  16. Yu Chun Keung Medical Library
  17. HKU Bachelor of Chinese Medicine (Full-time) Alumni Association
  18. HKU Medical Alumni Association
  19. HKU Nursing Alumni Association
  20. HKU Public Health Alumni Society
  21. Biomedical Sciences Society, MS, HKUSU
  22. Caduceus Society Newspaper Editorial Board, MS, HKUSU
  23. Chinese Medicine Society, MS, HKUSU
  24. Global Health and Development Society, HKU
  25. Health Committee, MS, HKUSU
  26. Health Exhibition, MS, HKUSU
  27. Medical Society, HKUSU
  28. Medici Cantano
  29. Nursing Society, MS, HKUSU
  30. Pharmacy Society, MS, HKUSU
  31. Prime Care HK, HKUSU