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Frequently Asked Questions

Salary and Benefits

  1. How is salary determined?
    • At HKU, appointments are linked to salary scales. Where appointees are placed on the salary scale depends on the level of appointment, individual qualifications and experience.
    • For academic appointments, HKU has two salary scales: clinical professoriate and non-clinical professoriate.
    • Salary increases are awarded in stepwise increments annually on the anniversary of first appointment, until the maximum of the salary scale is reached.
    • All salaries are usually increased annually in April to take account of cost-of-living adjustments.
  2. Does the University provide/subsidise housing?
    • Housing support comes in one of two forms:
    • For each role, we need to confirm eligibility for HKU senior staff quarters and the amount of housing allowance on offer.
  3. What health care benefits are provided?
    • Medical care in Hong Kong is world class. Hong Kong has a well-developed public health care system and numerous options for private health care provided in clinic and hospital settings. A helpful overview of the health care system in Hong Kong is available here:
    • HKU employees may access care from both public and private health care providers. Faculty members are entitled to medical care at HKU's Health Service, with most regular outpatient services provided free of charge. In addition, the University provides a Catastrophic Insurance Plan for all faculty, and offers faculty members the option of enrolling in a Top-Up Medical Insurance Plan to provide more comprehensive coverage.
    • Further information is available here:
  4. Does the University provide education subsidise to cover school tuition for dependants?
    • No. While HKU does not provide tuition remission for faculty children, we will work with you throughout the process to answer questions about schooling options in Hong Kong. Schools in Hong Kong are excellent and there are many options from which to choose.

Retirement and Pension

  1. What is the retirement age at HKU?
    • Currently, the formal retirement date at HKU is June 30 following the appointee's 60 birthday.
    • Re-appointment may be approved for any period up to five years after the retirement age of 60.
    • Extended contracts may also be offered to highly qualified individuals.
  2. What kind of retirement benefits does the University provide?
    • The Mandatory Provident Fund (MPF) Scheme is the Hong Kong government's formal system of retirement protection, and all HKU employees between the ages of 18 and 65 are required to participate.
    • Professoriate staff appointed on a tenured/substantive basis may elect to join the Staff Provident Fund, for which the University's contribution to the fund is 15% of monthly salary with a 5% mandatory contribution from the appointee.
    • Professoriate staff appointed on a fixed-term basis are eligible for a gratuity (bonus) equivalent to 15% of the salary which they earn during the contract period.
    • Further information may be found here:

Academic Life

  1. What are the review criteria for promotion and tenure, and what is the timeline?
  2. When do faculty receive sabbatical leave?
    • Sabbatical leave is accumulated at the rate of one month of leave per six months of service. Up to one year of sabbatical leave can be taken at a time.
  3. What types of research funding are available at HKU?
    • There are three general categories of research funding:
      1. Research start-up package for new appointees
      2. Internal funding opportunities, including Faculty and University funding for research
      3. External funding opportunities, including Hong Kong government, Chinese government, and international sources of funding for research
    • Further information may be found here:
  4. Does the university allow employees to conduct consulting and other outside work?