The 206th Congregation

The 206th Congregation Ceremony of the LKS Faculty of Medicine has been held on 9 July 2022 (Saturday) at Grand Hall, Centennial Campus, The University of Hong Kong.

The Ceremony was one of the most significant events for our Faculty's graduates.  It was a memorable occasion for them to celebrate their joy and achievements with their fellow classmates, teachers and family members.  It marked the completion of an important milestone in their study life, and signified the start of a new chapter in their life-long professional endeavours.

Professor Gabriel M LEUNG, former Dean of Medicine, was the presiding officer of the faculty-based Ceremony and conferred degrees upon graduands.  We were also honoured to have Professor Gabriel M LEUNG and our Dean Professor LAU Chak Sing shared with the graduates and guests the Faculty's recent achievements and future development plans in their State of the Faculty Addresses.


The HKU mace and a lectern, used during a congregation ceremony.
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