01 April 2021

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1 April 2021

Organised by
Department of Psychiatry

1 April 2021 saw the official launch of the LevelMind@JC project, which is a youth-friendly mental health platform. Officiating guests included The Hong Kong Jockey Club Executive Director of Charities and Community, Leong Cheung (張亮) and the Chairman of the Advisory Committee on Mental Health, Wong Yan-lung (黃仁龍). The Department of Psychiatry of HKUMed conducted two studies to evaluate young people's satisfaction with these mental wellness hubs and their perceptual sensitivity towards the hub environments. The studies highlighted the importance of young people's active participation in designing youth-friendly and non-stigmatising environments.

Relative to other age groups, young people are less likely to receive help from mental health professionals. Barriers to help-seeking include the lack of youth-friendly service platforms and high stigmatisation of mental disorders. 

With this in mind, The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust initiated and funded the LevelMind@JC project. The project aims to establish a community-based and stigma-free youth mental wellness service model to support the evolving mental health needs of people aged 12 to 24.


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