17 April 2021

Event Date(s)/Period(s)
17 April 2021

Organised by
Department of Pathology

The State Key Laboratory of Liver Research (SKLLR) Virtual Seminar 2021 was held on 17 April 2021 to promote academic exchange within liver research and nurture young researchers. We were honoured to have as our speakers Professor Masatoshi Kudo of Kindai University, Japan, and Dr Valerie Chew of SingHealth-Duke-NUS, Singapore, who spoke about updated treatments and basic immunology studies in hepatocellular carcinoma, respectively. The talks were entitled “Combination Immunotherapy for HCC” and “Multidimensional analysis of tumour immune microenvironments for biomarker and therapeutic discovery”. The seminar attracted over 60 online participants, including clinicians, academics, and post graduate students.


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