Imaging & Flow Cytometry Core
Address: L6-11, 6/F, Laboratory Block, 21 Sassoon Road, Pokfulam Hong Kong

Tel: 39177557

Registration for access to Data Transfer Server

Due to changes in support from HKU ITS, starting from 1st Sep 2020, the Data Transfer Server for CPOS Imaging and Flow Cytometry Core will be only accessed by a non-HKU Portal-linked login account which requires a one-off user registration described below.

  1. Connect to MEDVPN2 (Refer to “Q6. How to set up a MEDVPN2 connection?” at Q&A)
  2. Register in the user registration page at by any Internet browser.

  1. [Important!!!] Disconnect from MEDVPN2 to receive email from the Internet.
  1. Connect to MEDVPN2 and completed the registration by click on the confirmation link in the email received.
  1. Follow the instructions at Q&A (Q4 and Q5) for how to use the new file server.