Faculty Core Facility
Address: L6-11, 6/F, Laboratory Block, 21 Sassoon Road, Pokfulam Hong Kong

Tel: 39177557
Fax: 29864297
E-mail: corefac@hku.hk

Committee of Management

Power and Duties:

  1. To establish policies and guidelines on the usage and operation of the Facility, including user training, maintenance, health and safety issues, and any other aspects as appropriate.
  2. To submit annual reports to the Dean on the operation, research output, financial status and development of the Facility.
  3. To ensure open and fair usage of the Facility by all Faculty members.
  4. To ensure that adequate technical advice and training are provided to users.
  5. To oversee the operational efficiency of the Facility and to ensure that its usage is maximized within reasonable limits.
  6. To continuously review the capability and capacity of the Facility for the advancement of science and technology, and to seek funding support (e.g. from University Development Fund, Faculty Development Fund, etc.) for procurement of new technologies and upgrade of existing equipments.
  7. To recommend to the Dean the level of user fees.
  8. To recommend the appointment of the Facility Manager.


  1. Dean or his representative (Chairman)
    • Prof. Leung Suet-Yi
  2. The Director of Faculty Core Facility
    • Prof. Tsao Sai-Wah, George (expertise in live cell imaging and flow cytometry)
  3. The Deputy Director of Faculty Core Facility
    • Prof. Eric WC Tse
  4. Representatives from the User Groups
    • Prof. Liwei Lu (expertise in flow cytometry and imaging)
    • Prof. Anskar Leung (expertise in zebrafish research)
    • Dr. Cora SW Lai (expertise in intra-vital imaging)
    • Dr. Stephanie KY Ma (expertise in flow cytometry)
    • Dr. Cheng-han Yu (expertise in super-resolution imaging)
  5. Laboratory Manager of Faculty Core Facility
    • Dr. Guo Jing (expertise in imaging)


  1. Assistant Technical Manager of Faculty Core Facility
    • Mr. Lai Pok-Yui, Cyril
  2. Technical Officers of Faculty Core Facility
    • Dr. Pang Pei-Shin, Emily
    • Ms. Yau Ka-Long, Erica
    • Mr. Hung Tin-Shing, Jacky
  3. Senior Laboratory Assistant of Faculty Core Facility
    • Ms. Chan Yi-Pui, Cherry
  4. Laboratory Attendant of Faculty Core Facility
    • Ms. Hui Yuk-Wa, Sharon